Total serum protein reference value as a clinical diagnostic index of equine proliferative enteropathy

J Equine Sci. 2019 Sep;30(3):63-67. doi: 10.1294/jes.30.63. Epub 2019 Oct 2.


Equine proliferative enteropathy (EPE) caused by Lawsonia intracellularis is characterized by hypoproteinemia. There are currently no reliable reports that provide a reference value for the total serum protein (TP) concentration to clinically diagnose EPE. The objective of this study was to statistically determine the reference value. Feces and sera of 99 foals with EPE-like clinical signs and of 35 healthy foals were obtained. The samples were used for specific-gene detection of L. intracellularis, TP measurement, and specific-antibody detection against L. intracellularis. Based on these results, the optimal reference value for the TP concentration as a clinical diagnostic index of EPE was found to be ≤ 4.8 g/dl. This clinical diagnostic index will provide an effective approach for diagnosing EPE.

Keywords: Lawsonia intracellularis; clinical diagnostic index; equine proliferative enteropathy; total serum protein.