Acute Bronchiolitis: Is There a Role for Lung Ultrasound?

Diagnostics (Basel). 2019 Nov 1;9(4):172. doi: 10.3390/diagnostics9040172.


Introduction: Viral bronchiolitis is a common cause of lower respiratory tract infection in the first year of life, considered a health burden because of its morbidity and costs. Its diagnosis is based on history and physical examination and the role of radiographic examination is limited to atypical cases. Thus far, Lung Ultrasound (LUS) is not considered in the diagnostic algorithm for bronchiolitis.

Methods: PubMed database was searched for trials reporting on lung ultrasound examination and involving infants with a diagnosis of bronchiolitis.

Results: Eight studies were suitable.

Conclusions: This review analyzed the current evidence about the potential usefulness of LUS in the clinical management of bronchiolitis. Literature supports a peculiar role of LUS in the evaluation of the affected children, considering it as a reliable imaging test that could benefit the clinical management of bronchiolitis.

Keywords: Bronchiolitis; Bronchiolitis [Mesh]; Lung Ultrasound; Ultrasonography [Mesh]; Viral [Mesh], Lung Ultrasound.

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  • Review