A detailed mapping of histamine H1-receptors in guinea-pig central nervous system established by autoradiography with [125I]iodobolpyramine

Neuroscience. 1988 Aug;26(2):553-600. doi: 10.1016/0306-4522(88)90167-4.


[125I]Iodobolpyramine, a potent and selective histamine H1-receptor antagonist derived from mepyramine, was used to generate light microscopic autoradiograms on sections of guinea-pig brain and spinal cord. Histamine H1-receptors were labelled with high sensitivity over a low background as determined using mianserin or other H1-receptor antagonists as competing agents. An atlas of H1-receptors was established using five sagittal sections and 39 frontal sections, the latter serially prepared at 50 micron intervals. Labelled areas were identified by comparison with corresponding, classically stained sections and their density was rated according to an arbitrary scale. Autoradiographic grains were detected in a large variety of gray matter areas whereas they were generally absent from white matter areas. In the cerebral cortex, H1-receptors are present in all areas and layers with a higher density in lamina IV. In the hippocampal formation, H1-receptors display a laminated pattern of distribution and are the most abundant in the dentate gyrus (hilus and molecular layer) and in several areas of the subiculum and commissural complex. In the amygdaloid complex, the highest densities are found in the medial group of nuclei. In the basal forebrain, the striatum is moderately labelled whereas the nucleus accumbens, islands of Calleja and most septal nuclei are highly labelled. In the thalamus, H1-receptors are present in high density, particularly in the anterior, median and lateral groups of nuclei. In the hypothalamus the labelling is highly heterogeneous with high densities in, for example, medial preoptic area, dorsomedial, ventromedial and most posterior nuclei, including the tuberomammillary complex in which histaminergic perikarya and short axons are present.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

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