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, 45 (1), 149

Media Use During Adolescence: The Recommendations of the Italian Pediatric Society


Media Use During Adolescence: The Recommendations of the Italian Pediatric Society

Elena Bozzola et al. Ital J Pediatr.


Background: The use of media device, such as smartphone and tablet, is currently increasing, especially among the youngest. Adolescents spend more and more time with their smartphones consulting social media, mainly Facebook, Instagram and Twitter because. Adolescents often feel the necessity to use a media device as a means to construct a social identity and express themselves. For some children, smartphone ownership starts even sooner as young as 7 yrs, according to internet safety experts.

Material and methods: We analyzed the evidence on media use and its consequences in adolescence.

Results: In literature, smartphones and tablets use may negatively influences the psychophysical development of the adolescent, such as learning, sleep and sigh. Moreover, obesity, distraction, addiction, cyberbullism and Hikikomori phenomena are described in adolescents who use media device too frequently. The Italian Pediatric Society provide action-oriented recommendations for families and clinicians to avoid negative outcomes.

Conclusions: Both parents and clinicians should be aware of the widespread phenomenon of media device use among adolescents and try to avoid psychophysical consequences on the youngest.

Keywords: Addiction; Adolescence; Internet; Media device; Smartphone.

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