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, 7 (16), 2595-2598

The Effects of Brain Gym on Quality of Sleep, Anxiety in Elderly at Nursing Home Care Case Medan


The Effects of Brain Gym on Quality of Sleep, Anxiety in Elderly at Nursing Home Care Case Medan

Elmeida Effendy et al. Open Access Maced J Med Sci.


Background: The ageing process of human will cause changes in anatomy and physiology. Biologically, ageing is associated with the gradual accumulation of various molecular and cellular damage. Disorders of sleep quality are influenced by several factors, such as the medical condition of illness, stress, anxiety, and others. Brain gym is a collection of simple movements that aim to connect or unite the mind and body.

Aim: To find out the effect of brain gym in the quality of sleep and anxiety in the elderly at nursing home Karya Kasih Medan.

Setting and design: This is an experimental pre and post-test design with non-probability consecutive sampling.

Methods: This study involved 68 elderly who undergone brain gym for eight weeks. These patients were recruited from the nursing home Karya Kasih Medan, Indonesia. This study was conducted in July-November 2018. This study was approved by the local ethical committee. The Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) is used to assess sleep quality. Anxiety is assessed using the Hamilton Rating Scale for Anxiety (HARS). Data were analysed by paired t-test of SPSS version 22.

Results: PSQI score pre-test [mean (SD); 16.39 (0.68)] and post-test [mean (SD); 8.99 (0.89)], (p < 0.001). HARS score pre-test [mean (SD); 20.4 (6.7)] after post-test [mean (SD); 10.7 (5.2)], (p < 0.001).

Conclusion: Brain gym increased the score level of the PSQI and HARS in the intervention group (p < 0.001).

Keywords: Anxiety; Brain Gym; Elderly; Sleep Quality.

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