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, 3 (10), 605-620

Exploiting Metabolic Glycoengineering to Advance Healthcare


Exploiting Metabolic Glycoengineering to Advance Healthcare

Christian Agatemor et al. Nat Rev Chem.


Metabolic glycoengineering (MGE) is a technique for manipulating cellular metabolism to modulate glycosylation. MGE is used to increase the levels of natural glycans and, more importantly, to install non-natural monosaccharides into glycoconjugates. In this Review, we summarize the chemistry underlying MGE that has been developed over the past three decades and highlight several recent advances that have set the stage for clinical translation. In anticipation of near-term application to human healthcare, we describe emerging efforts to deploy MGE in diverse applications, ranging from the glycoengineering of biotherapeutic proteins and the diagnosis and treatment of complex diseases such as cancer to the development of new immunotherapies.

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