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. 2020 Mar;36(1):223-241.
doi: 10.1007/s10899-019-09919-z.

Gambling and Cannabis Use: Clinical and Policy Implications


Gambling and Cannabis Use: Clinical and Policy Implications

Ken C Winters et al. J Gambl Stud. .


Eleven US States and the District of Columbia legally allow personal (i.e., recreational) cannabis use by adults, and an additional 22 states allow use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. Of these jurisdictions, only two do not have some form of legalized gambling available ( In contrast to this rapid increase in legally available marijuana is the limited knowledge about the intersection of cannabis use and gambling. This paper strives to define the current status of the relevant literatures and consider the implication for future gambling research. We describe the research literature on the prevalence of cannabis use and co-existing gambling problems and the effects of cannabis use on gambling-related cognitive functions and decision-making. We also discuss clinical considerations with treating problem gamblers with a cannabis use disorder. Finally, the potential implications for responsible gambling practices and policies and the most pressing gaps in the research literature are offered.

Keywords: Cannabis; Clinical issues; Problem gambling; Public policy.

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