Optimization design and experimental study of vortex pump based on orthogonal test

Sci Prog. 2020 Jan-Mar;103(1):36850419881883. doi: 10.1177/0036850419881883. Epub 2019 Oct 20.


To study the effects of the performance of different types of impeller on the vortex pump, orthogonal test design, which is carried out by combining experimental test and numerical calculation, is adopted to optimize the type of design structure for the impeller in vortex pump. To find out the folding blade angle, the position of the folding point in the whole blade, and whether to wedge folding blade, an orthogonal test scheme with three factors and two levels is designed. A numerical simulation test is conducted for each scheme by analyzing the performance curve of orthogonal test plan to find the optimal performance of the program and analyzing the test data of each scheme to obtain the primary and secondary orders of the impact performance in the angle of folding blades of the vortex pump, the position of folding point of blades, and the wedge shape of blades. The results show that the optical blade type combination is the blade angle R30F60, the folding point is at 2/3 of the whole blade, and the blade does not adopt radial wedge. The optimal combination scheme is 36% higher than the design value at the rated flow head, the efficiency is 18.75% higher than the design value, the high-efficiency zone of the vortex pump is wider, and the performance meets the design requirements. Through orthogonal experimental design, the design cycle of vortex pump can be shortened effectively, the design level of vortex pump can be improved, and the hydraulic model with superior performance can be obtained.

Keywords: Vortex pump; folding structure of blade; numerical analysis; optimal design; orthogonal experiment.