Revision of the Neotropical hoverfly genus Peradon Reemer (Diptera, Syrphidae, Microdontinae)

Zookeys. 2019 Dec 5;896:1-93. doi: 10.3897/zookeys.896.36493. eCollection 2019.


The species of the Neotropical hoverfly genus Peradon Reemer, 2013 are revised, based on morphological characters with aid of mitochondrial DNA barcodes. The resulting number of valid species is increased to 31, of which the following seven are described as new: P. ballux Reemer, sp. nov., P. brevis Reemer, sp. nov., P. costaricensis Reemer, sp. nov., P. notialus Reemer, sp. nov., P. palpator Reemer, sp. nov., P. pompiloides Reemer, sp. nov., and P. surinamensis Reemer, sp. nov. Two new synonymies are established: Microdon langi Curran, 1925, syn. nov. and Microdon flavomarginatum Curran, 1925, syn. nov. are both junior synonyms of Mulio bidens Fabricius, 1805. A neotype is designated for Microdon diaphanus Sack, 1921. This neotype, which has been reared from an ant nest, also represents the first case of a larval record for this genus. In some species, most notably in P. bidens (Fabricius) and P. normalis (Curran), discrete and distinct colour morphs are recognized, with strongly differing colouration of wings and abdomen.

Keywords: COI barcodes; identification key; morphology; new species; new synonyms.