Two new species of Fuscoporia (Hymenochaetales, Basidiomycota) from southern China based on morphological characters and molecular evidence

MycoKeys. 2019 Dec 12;61:75-89. doi: 10.3897/mycokeys.61.46799. eCollection 2019.


Fuscoporia (Hymenochaetaceae) is characterized by annual to perennial, resupinate to pileate basidiocarps, a dimitic hyphal system, presence of hymenial setae, and hyaline, thin-walled, smooth basidiospores. Phylogenetic analyses based on the nLSU and a combined ITS, nLSU and RPB2 datasets of 18 species of Fuscoporia revealed two new lineages that are equated to two new species; Fuscoporia ramulicola sp. nov. grouped together with F. ferrea, F. punctatiformis, F. subferrea and F. yunnanensis with a strong support; Fuscoporia acutimarginata sp. nov. formed a strongly supported lineage distinct from other species. The individual morphological characters of the new species and their related species are discussed. A key to Chinese species of Fuscoporia is provided.

Keywords: Hymenochaetaceae; phylogeny; taxonomy; wood-rotting fungi.