Taxonomic revision of the genus Machleida Fåhraeus, 1870 (Tenebrionidae, Pimeliinae, Asidini)

Zookeys. 2019 Dec 10;898:83-102. doi: 10.3897/zookeys.898.46465. eCollection 2019.


The taxonomic concept of the genus Machleida Fåhraeus, 1870 is tested and revised based on newly identified material. The following new species are described: Machleida banachi, M. flagstaffensis, M. tarskii, and M. zofiae Kamiński. Machleida capillosa Wilke, 1925 is considered as a junior subjective synonym of Asida devia Péringuey, 1899. Asida lecta Péringuey, 1899 (= Pseudomachla recurva Wilke, 1925) (transferred to Afrasida), Machleida nossibiana Fairmaire, 1897 (transferred to Scotinesthes), and Machleida tuberosa Wilke, 1925 (interpreted as incertae sedis in Asidini) are excluded from Machleida. An identification key for the species of the newly revised Machleida is provided. The present paper brings the total number of species within the genus to six (M. banachi sp. nov.; M. devia (Péringuey, 1899); M. flagstaffensis sp. nov.; M. nodulosa Fåhraeus, 1870; M. tarskii sp. nov.; M. zofiae Kamiński sp. nov.). The morphology of female terminalia (ovipositor and genital tubes) is described for the genus for the first time.

Keywords: Afrasida; Scotinesthes; South Afric; darkling beetles; female terminalia; new species; synonyms.

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