Cloning and Analysis of PRNP Gene of Vulpes corsac in Qinghai Plateau, China

Prion. 2020 Dec;14(1):20-23. doi: 10.1080/19336896.2019.1704496.


PRNP gene encodes PrP protein, which is conservative among different species and associates with the susceptibility of prion disease. In this report, we cloned and sequenced the full-length PRNP gene of Vulpes corsac in Qinghai plateau, China. The amino acid sequence of Vulpes corsac PrP showed 100% homology with those of the other three species of foxes. The taxa relationship of Vulpes corsac PrP with other species of animals, including human, canine, bovine, cervus, capra, ovis, camelus, felis, Mustela, mouse and hamster were also analysed.

Keywords: PRNP; Qinghai plateau; Vulpes corsac; prion disease.

Grant support

This work was supported by Research Project [2018ZX10711001, 2017YFC1200500], Chinese National Natural Science Foundation Grants [81572048, 81630062] and SKLID Development Grant [2019SKLID501, 2019SKLID603, 2019SKLID307].