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Case Reports
, 7 (12), 2341-2345

Cauda Equina Syndrome in an Ovarian Malignant-Mixed Müllerian Tumor With Leptomeningeal Spread

Case Reports

Cauda Equina Syndrome in an Ovarian Malignant-Mixed Müllerian Tumor With Leptomeningeal Spread

Joshua D Bernstock et al. Clin Case Rep.


Leptomeningeal metastasis is extremely rare in patients with ovarian cancer, but should be considered in patients presenting with neurologic deficits such as cauda equine syndrome. Given its poor prognosis and lack of data currently on management, additional studies are needed to optimize treatment regimens and improve outcomes.

Keywords: cauda equina syndrome; leptomeningeal carcinomatosis; metastasis; ovarian carcinosarcoma; ovarian malignant‐mixed müllerian tumor.

Conflict of interest statement

None declared.


Figure 1
Figure 1
Axial FLAIR sequence shows mild FLAIR signal hyperintensity within the ventral aspect of pons, dorsal brainstem, along the trigeminal nerves, and surrounding the fourth ventricle (arrows, A and B). Axial postcontrast T1 sequence shows leptomeningeal enhancement around the upper cervical cord and enhancement along the right 7th and 8th nerves (arrows, C and D). Postcontrast sagittal fat suppression sequence shows mild leptomeningeal enhancement around the conus medullaris (arrow, E) with an incidental old compression deformity of the L2 vertebral body

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