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Case Reports
, 66 (1), 48-50

Mucormycosis-induced Ileocecal Perforation: A Case Report and Review of Literature

Case Reports

Mucormycosis-induced Ileocecal Perforation: A Case Report and Review of Literature

R Poyuran et al. J Postgrad Med.


Gastrointestinal mucormycosis is a rare form of invasive mucormycosis with high fatality rate due to difficulty in establishing its diagnosis. The classic risk-factors include immunosuppression and metabolic derangement. A case of ileocecal mucormycosis following intracardiac repair of congenital heart disease in a 17-year-old boy is described here who lacked the typical risk-factors for mucormycosis. Ileocecal mucormycosis affecting an individual without the classic risk-factors is uncommon.

Keywords: Ileocecal; mucormycosis; steroid.

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Figure 1
Figure 1
(a) right hemicolectomy specimen with the exudate covered serosal surface and a large perforation at the ileocecal junction (arrow pointing to the cecal end and arrowhead to the ileal end of the perforation); (b) mucosal surface shows gangrenous change at the cecal (arrow) and ileal (arrowhead) ends of perforation
Figure 2
Figure 2
(a and b) ileal edge of perforation with transmural necrosis and invasion by mucormycotic fungal hyphae; (c) broad and irregular hyphae with right-angled branch points. Angioinvasion of small (c, arrow) and large (d) caliber blood vessels is present. [(a) Hematoxylin and Eosin, (b-d) Grocott's methenamine silver; Magnification = scale bar (a and b) 500 μm; (c) 100 μm, (d) 200 μm]

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