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The Reason Why rTMS and tDCS Are Efficient in Treatments of Depression


The Reason Why rTMS and tDCS Are Efficient in Treatments of Depression

Milena Čukić. Front Psychol.


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Keywords: depression; efficiency of treatment; neuromodulation; physiological complexity; rTMS; tDCS.


Figure 1
Figure 1
The red voltage samples are taken from the EEG recording before the stimulation, and pink ones from 32 min after the tDCS stimulation. The first three principal components of raw EEG samples before and after tDCS stimulation are illustrating that they belong to separate parts of the phase space. Here is a PCA plot for person number 8, with cathodal (C) stimulation. This figure is part of results published in Chapter 3 in book (Čukić Radenković, 2019), but this particular PCA plot is not displayed before (due to limited space in previous publication).

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