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Nutrition Therapy in Critical Illness: A Review of the Literature for Clinicians


Nutrition Therapy in Critical Illness: A Review of the Literature for Clinicians

Kate J Lambell et al. Crit Care.


Nutrition therapy during critical illness has been a focus of recent research, with a rapid increase in publications accompanied by two updated international clinical guidelines. However, the translation of evidence into practice is challenging due to the continually evolving, often conflicting trial findings and guideline recommendations. This narrative review aims to provide a comprehensive synthesis and interpretation of the adult critical care nutrition literature, with a particular focus on continuing practice gaps and areas with new data, to assist clinicians in making practical, yet evidence-based decisions regarding nutrition management during the different stages of critical illness.

Keywords: Critical illness; Enteral nutrition; Intensive care; Nutrition therapy; Parenteral nutrition.

Conflict of interest statement

EJR has received an honorarium and has unrestricted, investigator-initiated grant funding from Baxter Healthcare Corporation for trial NCT03292237. The other authors declare that they have no competing interests.


Fig. 1
Fig. 1
Recommendations for nutritional management by nutritional status and phase of critical illness

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