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, 4 (1), 21-29

Progress in the Treatment of Gastric Cancer in Japan Over the Last 50 Years


Progress in the Treatment of Gastric Cancer in Japan Over the Last 50 Years

Mitsuru Sasako. Ann Gastroenterol Surg.


There have been remarkable changes in gastric cancer treatments in Japan, resulting in superb improvement of prognosis in patients with this disease. In this paper, the last 50 years have been divided into three eras: before 1990; the 1990s; and the era of evidence, which means after 2000. Changes of treatments and prognosis were analyzed by several factors, such as surgery, chemotherapy, informed consent, clinical trials, and others, as improvement of prognosis is not due to one factor but several ones influencing each other.

Keywords: gastric cancer; historical view; treatment.

Conflict of interest statement

Funding: None. Conflict of Interest: Lecture fees were provided by Taiho, Chugai, Yakult, Olympus, Sanofi, Genzyme, Covidien, Johnson & Johnson. Research grants for running fee of the department of the Multidisciplinary Surgical Oncology at Hyogo College of Medicine were provided by Taiho, Chugai, Yakult, Olympus, Covidien, Johnson & Johnson. I have personal conflict of interests as follows: All COI are within one million JPY per year. Author Contribution: Mitsuru Sasako wrote the manuscript and finalized the paper resdonding the reviwers by himself.


Figure 1
Figure 1
(left and right): Endoscopic views after Kamikawa's operation. Endoscopic view of the EGJ from proximal side (left) and from remnant stomach (right) at 3 y after Kamikawa's operation

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