Gallstones top to toe: what the radiologist needs to know

Insights Imaging. 2020 Feb 5;11(1):13. doi: 10.1186/s13244-019-0825-4.


Gallstone-related disease can have significant associated morbidity and mortality worldwide. The incidence of gallstone-related disease in the Western world is on the increase. There are multiple different pathological manifestations of gallstone disease: the presentation, diagnosis and associated complications of which vary significantly depending on anatomical location. The role of imaging in gallstone-related disease is broad with radiology playing an essential role in the diagnosis, management and follow-up of gallstone-related pathologies. This paper distills the broad range of gallstone-related pathologies into an anatomical map, discussing the disease processes involved at each point along the biliary tree and reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of different imaging modalities for each distinct disease process.

Keywords: Biliary; Calculus; Gallbladder; Gallstones; Pathology.