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, 24 (3), 161-167

Methylated Organic Metabolites of Arsenic and Their Cardiovascular Toxicities


Methylated Organic Metabolites of Arsenic and Their Cardiovascular Toxicities

Ok-Nam Bae et al. Toxicol Res.


Recently, arsenic-toxicity has become the major focus of strenuous assessment and dynamic research from the academy and regulatory agency. To elucidate the cause and the mechanism underlying the serious adverse health effects from chronic ingestion of arsenic-contaminated drinking water, numerous studies have been directed on the investigation of arsenic-toxicity using various in vitro as well as in vivo systems. Neverthless, some questions for arsenic effects remain unexplained, reflecting the contribution of unknown factors to the manifestation of arsenic-toxicity. Interestingly, very recent studies on arsenic metabolites have discovered that trivalent methylated arsenicals show stronger cytotoxic and genotoxic potentials than inorganic arsenic or pentavalent metabolites, arguing that these metabolites could play a key role in arsenic-associated disorders. In this review, recent progress and literatures are summarized on the metabolism of trivalent methylated metabolites and their toxicity on body systems including cardiovascular system in an effort to provide an insight into the future research on arsenic-associated disorders.

Keywords: Arsenic; DMAIII; MMAIII; Toxicity; Trivalent arsenic metabolite.

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