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, 91 (1), 6-12

Adjuvant Therapy for Early Endometrial Cancer - Who Benefits the Most From a Radiation Therapy?


Adjuvant Therapy for Early Endometrial Cancer - Who Benefits the Most From a Radiation Therapy?

Marcin Michalak et al. Ginekol Pol.


Objectives: Since 1990s the number of patients diagnosed with endometrial cancer (EC) has doubled. The standard treatment method for treating early endometrial cancer is surgery. Some patients require a subsequent adjuvant therapy. In early endometrial cancers its application is limited to the populations with a high risk of recurrence. The aim of this study was to assess the effectiveness of early endometrial cancer treatment based on an analysis of 5-year follow up of EC patients.

Material and methods: The analysis consisted in a retrospective non-randomized interventional study of patients treated for early endometrial cancer (FIGO stage IA, IB, II). Its end point was either local (small pelvis) or distant recurrence of the disease. Intervention involved an adjuvant treatment applied in selected patients according to the current guidelines for EC treatment. There was no randomization for adjuvant and non-adjuvant EC treatment. The study included a total of 419 patients treated for EC from 2010 to 2012.

Results: The analysis revealed that 108 patients (25.8%) were diagnosed with the recurrent disease. Out of 112 patients treated for stage IA endometrial cancer 32 (28.6%) experienced recurrence. Out of 216 patients at FIGO Stage IB, recurrence was diagnosed in 38 (17.6%). In the group of 91 patients treated for FIGO stage II, EC the recurrence was diagnosed in 38 (41.2%) cases.

Conclusions: Early EC treatment results were unsatisfactory and should be improved. The best outcomes were achieved in patients with IA stage of EC who received a radiation therapy.

Keywords: Treatment Effectiveness Assessment; adjuvant therapy; early endometrial cancer.

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