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The Mortality of Periviable and Extremely Premature Infants and Their Impact on the Overall Neonatal Mortality Rate


The Mortality of Periviable and Extremely Premature Infants and Their Impact on the Overall Neonatal Mortality Rate

Horacio S Falciglia et al. Sci Rep.


To investigate mortality in periviable neonates ≤23 weeks gestational age and calculate its impact on overall neonatal mortality rate over a 12-year period (1998-2009). Verify if periviable mortality decreased in the period (2010-2015). Retrospective review. Neonatal mortality rate per 1000 live births was 11.4. Three hundred forty-nine live birth infants weighed ≤500 g and 336 died. Their proportion to the total neonatal mortality rate was 48.6%; out of 298 periviables 146 (43%) were ≤20 weeks gestational age. In 269 (80%) we could not determine the cause of death. Two hundred ninety-seven neonates (88.3%) died in the delivery room. Sixteen (5%) had an autopsy. Neonatal mortality rate from periviability was 96.2% and constituted half of the overall rate in the period (1998-2009). There was not significant reduction of periviable mortality between 2010 and 2015. Current live birth definition and a reporting system that considers a 100 g periviable live birth infant as a neonatal death has placed Ohio and the United States at a significant disadvantage compared to other countries using different reporting systems.

Conflict of interest statement

The authors declare no competing interests.


Figure 1
Figure 1
Duration of life for periviable neonates in the study.

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