First Record of the Entomopathogenic Nematode Steinernema litorale (Filipjev) (Rhabditida: Steinernematidae) and Its Symbiotic Bacterium from Turkey, and Its Efficacy Capability

Insects. 2020 Feb 25;11(3):144. doi: 10.3390/insects11030144.


The entomopathogenic nematode Steinernema litorale was isolated from Çamkoru Nature Park located in Ankara, Turkey, in September 2018. Steinernema litorale was recovered in 1 of 67 soil samples from a natural forest area; the soil was characterised as sandy loam. The isolated nematode S. litorale was identified based on morphological and molecular parameters. The symbiotic bacterium of S. litorale was determined as Xenorhabdus bovienii. Steinernema litorale was found for the first time in Turkey and the Middle East. The virulence of the isolate was tested on Galleria mellonella larvae. Different concentrations of the nematode (10, 25, 50, 75, and 100 infective juveniles (IJs/larvae) were used. While the LC50 values at 48 h, 72 h, and 96 h were 153.419, 51.005, and 15.439 IJs, respectively, and the LT50 values at 75 IJs and 100 IJs showed that this isolate is capable to control insect larvae within 50.083 and 36.266 h, respectively.

Keywords: Steinernema litorale; Turkey; Xenorhabdus bovienii; entomopathogenic nematode.