Evaluation of a Curved Design Rubber Bristle Interdental Cleaner on Patients with Gingivitis

J Dent Hyg. 2020 Feb;94(1):6-13.


Purpose: The purpose of this clinical study was to evaluate the effectiveness of a curved rubber bristle interdental cleaner, as compared to dental floss, in the reduction of gingivitis and plaque.Methods: Gingival Index (GI), Bleeding on Probing (BOP), Periodontal Probing Depth (PPD) and Modified QH Plaque Index (MQH-PI) parameters were evaluated in an examiner-masked, parallel group, controlled clinical study. A total of 50 participants with gingivitis (no site with PPD >4 mm, BOP ≥10% but ≤50%) met the eligibility criteria. Participants were randomly assigned to either the curved rubber bristle interdental cleaner (cRBIC) group or the ADA-accepted dental floss (Floss) group. Participants used the devices for four weeks. Parameters were obtained at 2 and 4 weeks. Participants scored their level of product familiarity, satisfaction and motivation for interdental cleaning.Results: There were no statistically significant differences between the two groups in changes from baseline to 2 or 4 weeks in GI, BOP%, and MQH-PI. However, cRBIC group showed greater reduction of PPD at 4 weeks from baseline, compared with Floss group (p<0.05). The cRBIC group showed overall better compliance level than Floss group. The mean score of "ease of use" of the cRBIC group was significantly greater than that of Floss group. However, Floss group showed higher levels of "satisfaction" than cRBIC group. Motivation for interdental cleaning was higher in cRBIC.Conclusion: The cRBIC was similar to Floss in clinical effectiveness; however, PPD reduction at 4 weeks was greater with the cRBIC. Ease of use of cRBIC may have affected the participants' motivation for interdental cleaning, resulting in better compliance.

Keywords: dental devices; interdental cleaning; oral care behavior; oral hygiene; periodontal disease.

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