Connected Bike-smart IoT-based Cycling Training Solution

Sensors (Basel). 2020 Mar 7;20(5):1473. doi: 10.3390/s20051473.


The Connected Bike project combines several technologies, both hardware and software, to provide cycling enthusiasts with a modern alternative solution for training. Therefore, a trainer can monitor online through a Web Application some of the important parameters for training, more specifically the speed, cadence and power generated by the cyclist. Also, the trainer can see at every moment where the rider is with the aid of a GPS module. The system is built out of both hardware and software components. The hardware is in charge of collecting, scaling, converting and sending data from sensors. On the software side, there is the server, which consists of the Back-End and the MQTT (Message Queues Telemetry Transport) Broker, as well as the Front-End of the Web Application that displays and manages data as well as collaboration between cyclists and trainers. Finally, there is the Android Application that acts like a remote command for the hardware module on the bike, giving the rider control over how and when the ride is monitored.

Keywords: Android; IoT; MQTT; back-end; connected bike; embedded; front-end; modules; monitoring; personalized training; smart technologies.