A collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to HIV transmission risk mitigation during analytic treatment interruption

J Virus Erad. 2020 Feb 20;6(1):34-37.


Analytic treatment interruptions (ATIs) are currently the standard for assessing the impact of experimental interventions aimed at inducing sustained antiretroviral therapy (ART)-free remission in trials related to HIV cure. ATIs are associated with substantial risk to both study participants and their sexual partner(s). Two documented HIV transmissions occurring in the context of ATIs have been recently reported, but recommendations for mitigating the risk of such events during ATIs are limited. We outline a practical approach to risk mitigation during ATI studies and describe strategies we are utilising in an upcoming clinical trial that may be applicable to other centres.

Keywords: HIV; HIV cure research; HIV remission research; analytical treatment interruption.

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  • Editorial