Workplace violence against nurses in health care and the role of human resource management: A systematic review of the literature

J Adv Nurs. 2020 Jul;76(7):1581-1593. doi: 10.1111/jan.14352. Epub 2020 Apr 8.


Aim: To provide insights into how workplace violence has an impact on nurses and to inform human resource management about developing comprehensive strategies to manage and mitigate violence.

Design: A systematic review of the literature to appraise contemporary studies, source data and synthesize findings for human resource management to implement practices to mitigate violence against nurses in the healthcare sector.

Data sources: Searches were conducted using ProQuest, Business Source Complete (EBSCO), Emerald Insight, PsycINFO (ProQuest), ScienceDirect, and Google Scholar. Our search was delimited to refereed journal articles and government reports over the last 15 years from 2004-2019 and included a total of 71 articles.

Review methods: The research team systematically reviewed each article and relative reports, eliminating any not considered relevant to nurses. This systematic review is associated with and reflects contemporary issues around nurses, violence, and human resource management practice.

Results: In the studies we found high incidents of violence against nurses in the workplace. However, human resource management fundamentally services as an administrator, managing compliance and does not do enough to methodically mitigate and manage acts of violence in the workplace and its effects on nurses' mental health.

Conclusions: This systematic review contributes to the literature on violence in health care and proposes that human resource management must explore and implement practices towards mitigating violence against nurses.

Impact: This systematic review will influence how human resource management currently manages violence against nurses and the increasing number of persons requiring health care due to the ageing population and decline in the number of nurses. It will also have an impact on action research to engage in a cycle of continuous improvement that supports eliminating violence against nurses (and all others) in the healthcare sector.

目的: 深入了解职场暴力对护士的影响,让人力资源管理部门了解有关制定管理和减缓暴力行为的综合战略方面的资讯。 设计: 采取文献系统综述的方式评估当代研究、采集数据并综合人力资源管理的结果,从而在医疗领域实施减缓对护士施暴的措施。 数据来源: 使用ProQuest学位论文管理系统、商业资源数据库(EBSCO文献数据库)、Emerald Insight数据库、PsycINFO心理学文摘数据库(ProQuest学位论文管理系统)、ScienceDirect文献数据库和Google Scholar谷歌学术搜索数据库进行搜索。我们的搜索范围限定为2004年至2019年过去15年的期刊文章和政府报告,纳入了71篇文章。 审查方法: 研究小组对每一篇文章和相关报告做了系统综述,排除了与护士无关的内容。这一系统综述反映了与护士、暴力和人力资源管理实践相关的当代问题。 结果: 在研究中,我们发现对护士的职场暴力事件发生频率很高。然而,人力资源管理从根本上说是作为管理合规性的一个服务管理者,在有条不紊地减缓并管理职场暴力及其对护士心理健康的影响方面做得还不够。 结论: 这一系统综述贡献了有关卫生保健中暴力行为的文献,并提出人力资源管理必须探索和实施减缓对护士暴力行为的做法。 影响: 这一系统综述将影响人力资源管理部门目前管理针对护士的暴力行为的方法,以及由于人口老龄化问题和护士人数下降导致的需保健人数的不断增加。它还将对行动研究产生影响,使其参与一个持续改进的周期,以支持消除医疗领域对护士(和所有其他人)的施暴行为。.

Keywords: health care; human resource management; mental health; nursing; systematic review; workplace violence.

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