Experimental study of imiprotrin allergic potency in case of inhalation

Interdiscip Toxicol. 2019 Sep;12(1):36-40. doi: 10.2478/intox-2019-0005. Epub 2020 Feb 20.


Probable changes were studied in rats' immune status under experimental conditions with inhalation route of type I pyrethroid- imiprotrin administration, which is the main component of a number of household insecticidal agents. The drug at a concentration of 45.0 mg/m3 interrupts immunological homeostasis in experimental animals. Nonspecific cellular component parameters of immune system have changed significantly. Imiprotrin is capable of inducing delayed hypersensitivity. Imiprotrin induces sensibilization under experimental conditions in more than half of the experimental animals, but the magnitude of the reactions to the intradermal administration of the drug has no probable differences, which allows imiprotin to be attributed to substances with moderate sensibilization potential.

Keywords: imiprotrin; immunological homeostasis; laboratory rats.