Defective Nucleotide-Dependent Assembly and Membrane Fusion in Mfn2 CMT2A Variants Improved by Bax

Life Sci Alliance. 2020 Apr 3;3(5):e201900527. doi: 10.26508/lsa.201900527. Print 2020 May.


Mitofusins are members of the dynamin-related protein family of large GTPases that harness the energy from nucleotide hydrolysis to remodel membranes. Mitofusins possess four structural domains, including a GTPase domain, two extended helical bundles (HB1 and HB2), and a transmembrane region. We have characterized four Charcot-Marie-Tooth type 2A-associated variants with amino acid substitutions in Mfn2 that are proximal to the hinge that connects HB1 and HB2. A functional defect was not apparent in cells as the mitochondrial morphology of Mfn2-null cells was restored by expression of any of these variants. However, a significant fusion deficiency was observed in vitro, which was improved by the addition of crude cytosol extract or soluble Bax. All four variants had reduced nucleotide-dependent assembly in cis, but not trans, and this was also improved by the addition of Bax. Together, our data demonstrate an important role for this region in Mfn2 GTP-dependent oligomerization and membrane fusion and is consistent with a model where cytosolic factors such as Bax are masking molecular defects associated with Mfn2 disease variants in cells.

Associated data

  • PDB/2W6D
  • PDB/2J69
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