The Gas Fire Temperature Measurement for Detection of an Object's Presence on Top of the Burner

Sensors (Basel). 2020 Apr 10;20(7):2139. doi: 10.3390/s20072139.


This article covers the topic of temperature measurement on top of a gas burner fire in order to recognize pot removal from a gas burner and subsequently, to cut off the gas supply. The possibility of applying a factory-mounted thermocouple was investigated with the assumption that its output signal could be used to detect the presence of a pot on a gas burner. However, the characteristic of such a thermocouple is not fully linear and as the research has shown that such a thermocouple would not fit enough for the assumed purpose, thus another sensor needs to be used. Therefore, in this paper, the linear thermocouple and IR diode are used. The best localizations of theses sensors were investigated in order to obtain a signal suitable for the pot presence recognition over the burner. These investigations are supported by the use of an infrared camera. In the investigations, the temperature changes also caused by casual air blast or caused by increasing and decreasing the valve opening are recorded and analyzed. Finally, the changes of the thermocouple's signals are used as an input signal to propose an algorithm for pot absence recognition over the burner. The microprocessor-based circuit with a control unit for detection of the pot absence is designed, built and investigated.

Keywords: IR diode; gas burner; pot recognition; temperature; thermocouple.