JSH Guidelines for the Management of Hepatitis C Virus Infection, 2019 Update; Protective Effect of Antiviral Therapy against Hepatocarcinogenesis

Hepatol Res. 2020 Jul;50(7):775-790. doi: 10.1111/hepr.13501. Epub 2020 May 18.


The Drafting Committee for Hepatitis Management Guidelines established by the Japan Society of Hepatology (JSH) drafted the first version of the clinical practice guidelines for the management of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection in 2012. Since then, we have been publishing updates as new drugs for hepatitis C become available and new indications for existing drugs are added. The new approval of sofosbuvir/velpatasvir prompted us to publish the seventh version of the guidelines in Japanese in March 2019. We also published the first English-language version of the JSH guidelines in 2013 and English versions of updates made to the Japanese-language guidelines in 2014 and 2016. In 2020, the committee has decided to publish a new English version, covering general information about treatment for hepatitis C, drugs used, recommended treatments for chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis, and special populations, such as patients who have renal impairment, are on dialysis, or have developed recurrence of hepatitis C after liver transplantation. Furthermore, the committee has released a separate publication covering the protective effect of antiviral therapy against hepatocarcinogenesis.

Keywords: directacting antivirals; fibrosis; hepatocellularcarcinoma; risk factor; sustained viral response.