Efficacy of Wholetones® 2Sleep and classical music on sleep and health behaviors of adults with insomnia symptoms: A single blind, randomized, controlled, crossover pilot trial

Sleep Sci. 2019 Oct-Dec;12(4):302-306. doi: 10.5935/1984-0063.20190091.


Objectives: To conduct a randomized single-blind placebo-controlled crossover trial on adults with insomnia symptoms to examine the efficacy of Wholetones® 2Sleep Music (WM) and Classical Music (CM) on sleep quality, anxiety/stress, fatigue, productivity, and mood.

Methods: Following baseline assessments, 38 adults (M age = 46.6 years) were randomized to either WM or CM conditions for 10 days and then the alternative music for 10 days after a 4 day "wash-out". The outcomes were sleep quality (i.e., Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index) and psychological measures.

Results: Listening to both the WM and CM resulted in significant improvements from baseline for sleep quality, stress/anxiety, fatigue, productivity, and mood (p<0.05).

Conclusion: WM and CM provides a simple, noninvasive, and non-pharmacological intervention to promote sleep quality resulting in improved daytime mood, fatigue, productivity, and anxiety/stress.

Keywords: Anxiety; Fatigue; Mood; Music; Sleep Disorders.