Synthesis in Silica Nanoreactor: Copper Pyrophosphate Quantum Dots and Silver Oxide Nanocrystallites Inside Silica Mezochannels

Materials (Basel). 2020 Apr 25;13(9):2009. doi: 10.3390/ma13092009.


The synthesis routes are presented for the preparation of nanocomposites composed of nanocrystals placed inside SBA-15 silica pores. The procedures assume treating the silica channels as nanoreactors, where nanocrystals are created as a result of thermal decomposition of internal functional units. Its sizes and chemical composition can be modified by the change of functional group types and density inside silica channels. The procedure is demonstrated by the example of copper pyrophosphate quantum dots and silver oxide nanoparticles inside silica mezochannels. The method can be easily adopted to other types of nanocrystals that can be synthesized inside silica nanoreactors.

Keywords: confinements; functional materials; mesoporous silica; nanocrystals; nanoreactors.