Recent Advances in Pathology: the 2020 Annual Review Issue of The Journal of Pathology

J Pathol. 2020 Apr;250(5):475-479. doi: 10.1002/path.5425.


This year's Annual Review Issue of The Journal of Pathology contains 18 invited reviews on current research areas in pathology. The subject areas reflect the broad range of topics covered by the journal and this year encompass the development and application of software in digital histopathology, implementation of biomarkers in pathology practice; genetics and epigenetics, and stromal influences in disease. The reviews are authored by experts in their field and provide comprehensive updates in the chosen areas, in which there has been considerable recent progress in our understanding of disease. © 2020 Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

Keywords: ATXN1L; Breast cancer; CELSR1; COPD; Capicua; Cdc42; DNA methylation profiling; DNA mismatch repair; ECM; Ewing's tumour; HDAC; Lynch syndrome; Mendelian randomisation; PD-L1; Rac1; RhoA; RhoGTPase; SWI/SNF; TILs; TREM2; Toll-like receptors; X chromosome inactivation; acute response; ageing; algorithm; anti-sense lncRNA; apoptosis; artificial intelligence; astrocytoma; atherosclerosis; autophagy; biologics; biomarker risk-management; cancer predisposition; chemotaxis; chronic inactive lesions; chronic kidney disease; clear cell renal cell carcinoma; clinical trial; clonogen; collective cell migration; colorectal cancer; computational pathology; decision support; demyelinated lesions; development; diabetes; diagnosis; digital histology; durotaxis; endometrial cancer; ependymoma; exosomes; foam cells; gene variant interpretation; genome-wide association study; glioblastoma; glomerulonephritis; grey matter; host-directed therapy; hypoxia; hypoxia-inducible factor; image analysis; immunity; immunoediting; immunotherapy; inflammation; inflammatory lesions; interleukin-6; invasion; ionising radiation; late response; long intergenic non-coding RNA; long non-coding RNA; macrophage; macropinocytosis; mass cytometry; medulloblastoma; mesenchymal stem cells; mesenchymal stromal cells; metabolic disorders; metastasis; miRNA; migration; monocyte; multiple sclerosis; neoplasia; nephropathology; neuroblastoma; neurodegenerative disease; neurogenesis; oxidative stress; oxygen; personalised treatment; precision imaging; pseudohypoxia; receptor; scATACseq; senescence; sex differences; single-cell RNAseq; small airways; stem cell; stem cells; tissue regeneration; translation; transplantation; tuberculosis; tumour microenvironment; white matter.

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