Squamarina (lichenised fungi) species described from China belong to at least three unrelated genera

MycoKeys. 2020 Apr 24;66:135-157. doi: 10.3897/mycokeys.66.39057. eCollection 2020.


New collections of six Squamarina species from type localities in China were studied. The comparison of morphological characteristics and secondary metabolites with those of the type specimens and phylogenetic analyses suggest that S. callichroa and S. pachyphylla belong to Rhizoplaca, S. semisterilis belongs to Lobothallia and S. chondroderma should be retained in Lecanora temporarily. Only two species, S. kansuensis and S. oleosa, remain in Squamarina. The new combinations Lobothallia semisterilis (H. Magn.) Y. Y. Zhang, Rhizoplaca callichroa (Zahlbr.) Y. Y. Zhang and R. pachyphylla (H. Magn.) Y. Y. Zhang are proposed. Detailed descriptions to aid the identification of these species, distributions and phylogenetic trees, based on multiple collections, are presented. The generic concept of Squamarina is recircumscribed in this study.

Keywords: Lecanora; Lobothallia; Petroplaca; Rhizoplaca; Squamarinaceae; type study.

Grant support

Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Science