Mineral Materials Coated with and Consisting of MnO x-Characteristics and Application of Filter Media for Groundwater Treatment: A Review

Materials (Basel). 2020 May 13;13(10):2232. doi: 10.3390/ma13102232.


For groundwater treatment, the technologies involving oxidation on MnOx filter bed are beneficial, common, and effectively used. The presence of MnOx is the mutual feature of filter media, both MnOx-coated mineral materials like quartz sand and gravel, chalcedonite, diatomite, glauconite, zeolite, or anthracite along with consisting of MnOx manganese ores. This review is based on the analysis of research and review papers, commercial data sheets, and standards. The paper aimed to provide new suggestions and useful information for further investigation of MnOx filter media for groundwater treatment. The presented compilations are based on the characteristics of coatings, methods, and conditions of its obtaining and type of filter media. The relationship between the properties of MnOx amendments and the obtained purification effects as well as the commonly used commercial products, their features, and applications have been discussed. The paper concludes by mentioning about improving catalytic/adsorption properties of non-reactive siliceous media opposed to ion-exchange minerals and about possible significance of birnessite type manganese oxide for water treatment. Research needs related to the assessment of the use MnOx filter media to heavy metals removal from groundwater in field operations and to standardize methodology of testing MnOx filter media for water treatment were identified.

Keywords: anthracite; chalcedonite; diatomite; drinking water; glauconite; pyrolusite; quartz sand; surface coatings; water treatment; zeolite.

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  • Review