Expert Perspectives on Definitions, Drivers and Informatics Contributions to Learning Health Systems

AMIA Jt Summits Transl Sci Proc. 2020 May 30;2020:251-258. eCollection 2020.


Learning Health System (LHS) proposes a new paradigm in scientific enterprise to facilitate the rapid movement of data to knowledge (D2K) and knowledge to practice (K2P). Informatics can play a pivotal role in facilitating feedback loops and rapid cycles of learning across D2K and K2P. Though informatics has been acknowledged as a critical component of LHS, it remains unclear how leaders in informatics are conceptualizing its role in promoting LHS. This study sought to gain insights from informatics leaders and experts on their perspectives around role of informatics in LHS. We conducted semi-structured interviews with fourteen informatics leaders across different informatics domains and leadership positions. Our results revealed areas of agreement around key concepts related to LHS as well as opportunities to improve messaging and add clarity to the role of informatics in promoting LHS.