Experiences Applying Technology to Overcome Common Challenges in Pharmacy Practice-Based Research in the United States

Pharmacy (Basel). 2020 May 30;8(2):93. doi: 10.3390/pharmacy8020093.


Despite the importance of pharmacy practice-based research in generating knowledge that results in better outcomes for patients, health systems and society alike, common challenges to PPBR persist. Herein, we authors describe PPBR challenges our research teams have encountered, and our experiences using technology-driven solutions to overcome such challenges. Notably, limited financial resources reduce the time available for clinicians and researchers to participate in study activities; therefore, resource allocation must be optimized. We authors have also encountered primary data collection challenges due to unique data needs and data access/ownership issues. Moreover, we have experienced a wide geographic dispersion of study practices and collaborating researchers; a lack of trained, on-site research personnel; and the identification and enrollment of participants meeting study eligibility criteria. To address these PPBR challenges, we authors have begun to turn to technology-driven solutions, as described here.

Keywords: evidence-based pharmacy practice; health services research; information technology; practice-based research.