SAFIIRA: A heavy-ion multi-purpose irradiation facility in Brazil

Rev Sci Instrum. 2020 May 1;91(5):053301. doi: 10.1063/1.5138644.


This work describes the new facility for applied nuclear physics at the University of Sao Paulo, mainly for irradiation of electronic devices. It is a setup composed of a quadrupole doublet for beam focusing/defocusing plus multiple scattering through gold foils to produce low intensity, large-area, and high-uniformity heavy-ion beams from 1H to 107Ag. Beam intensities can be easily adjusted from 102 particles cm2/s to hundreds of nA for an area as large as 2.0 cm2 and uniformity better than 90%. Its irradiation chamber has a high-precision motorized stage, and the system is controlled by a LabViewTM environment, allowing measurement automation. Design considerations and examples of use are presented.