Application of medical simulation in the education of medical students in the area of gynecology and obstetrics

Ginekol Pol. 2020;91(5):281-286. doi: 10.5603/GP.2020.0046.


The education of new generations of doctors faces major challenges. The education system should ensure access to modern and effective educational techniques. Medical simulation is a method that is developing very dynamically. Currently, every medical university in Poland has access to the facilities of a Medical Simulation Centre. Many types of simulations can be used. The variety of techniques is considerable. Starting from simple trainers, through advanced patient simulators to hybrid simulation or virtual reality. Thanks to their use, it is possible to teach basic medical procedures in a safe way, without compromising the patient's intimacy. An additional advantage is the possibility to train in an interdisciplinary team. The aim of this work was to present the possibility of using medical simulation as a method of effective and interesting teaching of medical students in the field of gynaecology and obstetrics. The authors described different techniques and levels of simulation sophistication. The basic tasks of the teacher were also described. The paper may be an interesting complement to the knowledge of education for each physician involved in the work with students.

Keywords: gynaecology; high fidelity simulation training; medical education; patient safety; quality of health care.