One-Pot Synthesis of Lactose Derivatives from Whey Permeate

Foods. 2020 Jun 13;9(6):784. doi: 10.3390/foods9060784.


The simultaneous production of lactulose (LAU), lactobionic acid (LBA), and organic acids from sweet and acid whey permeate (SWP and AWP) via catalytic synthesis (5% Ru/C) was studied in a continuous stirred-tank reactor. At selected conditions (60 °C, 60 bar, and 600 rpm), a maximum conversion of lactose (37 and 34%) was obtained after 90 min for SWP and AWP, respectively. The highest yield calculated with respect to the initial concentration of lactose for LAU was 22.98 ± 0.81 and 15.29 ± 0.81% after only 30 min for SWP, and AWP, respectively. For LBA, a maximum yield was found in SWP (5.23%) after 210 min, while about 2.2% was found in AWP. Six major organic acids (gluconic, pyruvic, lactic, formic, acetic, and citric acid) were quantified during the one-pot synthesis of lactose.

Keywords: catalysis; lactobionic acid; lactulose; one-pot synthesis.