Smart Characterization of Rogowski Coils by Using a Synthetized Signal

Sensors (Basel). 2020 Jun 13;20(12):3359. doi: 10.3390/s20123359.


With the spread of new Low-Power Instrument Transformers (LPITs), it is fundamental to provide models and characterization procedures to estimate and even predict the LPITs' behavior. In fact, distribution system operators and designers of network models are looking for all forms of information which may help the management and the control of power networks. For this purpose, the paper wants to contribute to the scientific community presenting a smart characterization procedure which easily provides sufficient information to predict the output signal of a Low-Power Current Transformer (LPCT), the Rogowski coil. The presented procedure is based on a synthetized signal applied to the Rogowski coil. Afterwards, the validity of the procedure is assessed within the Matlab environment and then by applying it on three off-the-shelf Rogowski coils. Simulations and experimental tests and results involving a variety of distorted signals in the power quality frequency range and by adopting a quite simple measurement setup demonstrated the effectiveness and the capability of the procedure to correctly estimate the output of the tested device.

Keywords: characterization; distorted signal; low-power current transformer; modeling; power quality; rogowski coil.