Validity of the ADHD module of the Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview PLUS for screening of adult ADHD in treatment seeking substance use disorder patients: ADHD screening with MINI-Plus

Rev Psiquiatr Salud Ment (Engl Ed). 2020 Jun 16;S1888-9891(20)30038-0. doi: 10.1016/j.rpsm.2020.04.013. Online ahead of print.
[Article in English, Spanish]


Objective: This study aims to assess the validity of the ADHD module of the Mini-International Neuropsychiatric Interview (MINI-Plus) in patients with substance use disorders (SUD), using the Conners' Adult ADHD Diagnostic Interview for DSM-IV (CAADID) as the external criterion.

Method: A cross sectional international multi-center study in 10 countries was conducted in treatment seeking SUD patients. A sample of 1263 patients with both MINI-Plus and CAADID was analyzed to determine the psychometric properties of the MINI-Plus.

Results: According to the CAADID, 179 patients (14.2%) met criteria for adult ADHD, whereas according to the MINI-Plus 227 patients (18.0%) were identified as having adult ADHD. Sensitivity of the MINI-Plus ADHD module was 74%, specificity was 91%, positive predictive value was 60% and negative predictive value was 96%. Kappa was 0.60.

Conclusion: The MINI-Plus has acceptable criterion validity for the screening of adult ADHD in treatment seeking SUD patients.

Scientific significance: On the basis of the results, The MINI-Plus may be used for the screening of ADHD in SUD patients.

Keywords: ADHD; Comorbidity; Comorbilidad; MINI; Psicometría; Psychometrics; Substance use disorder; TDAH; Trastorno de consumo de sustancias.