The Use of the Blockchain Technology and Digital Watermarking to Provide Data Authenticityon a Mining Enterprise

Sensors (Basel). 2020 Jun 18;20(12):3443. doi: 10.3390/s20123443.


Prompt development of information technology has made an essential impact on many industries. There appeared a concept "Industry 4.0" symbolizing the fourth industrial revolution. The given concept is closely connected with such promising technologies as the Internet of Things, blockchain, fog computing, Big Data. In the present research, the sphere of the mining industry is examined. We discuss the possibility to increase the efficiency of mining enterprises at the expense of the development of common information space based on modern digital technologies. We analyze security problems at the level of data flow between the participants of the production process on a mining enterprise. We define the problem of providing the reliability of data on the production course on mining enterprise in the conditions of the possible connection loss between the control center and separate technological units. We offer a new approach to the solution of the given problems, based on the technology of blockchain and digital watermarking. The computing experiment is conducted presenting a possibility to implement the offered approaches on common models of microcontrollers.

Keywords: blockchain; cyber-security; digital watermarking; mining industry; sensor controls.