Kinetics and mechanisms of mitotic inheritance of DNA methylation and their roles in aging-associated methylome deterioration

Cell Res. 2020 Nov;30(11):980-996. doi: 10.1038/s41422-020-0359-9. Epub 2020 Jun 24.


Mitotic inheritance of the DNA methylome is a challenging task for the maintenance of cell identity. Whether DNA methylation pattern in different genomic contexts can all be faithfully maintained is an open question. A replication-coupled DNA methylation maintenance model was proposed decades ago, but some observations suggest that a replication-uncoupled maintenance mechanism exists. However, the capacity and the underlying molecular events of replication-uncoupled maintenance are unclear. By measuring maintenance kinetics at the single-molecule level and assessing mutant cells with perturbation of various mechanisms, we found that the kinetics of replication-coupled maintenance are governed by the UHRF1-Ligase 1 and PCNA-DNMT1 interactions, whereas nucleosome occupancy and the interaction between UHRF1 and methylated H3K9 specifically regulate replication-uncoupled maintenance. Surprisingly, replication-uncoupled maintenance is sufficiently robust to largely restore the methylome when replication-coupled maintenance is severely impaired. However, solo-WCGW sites and other CpG sites displaying aging- and cancer-associated hypomethylation exhibit low maintenance efficiency, suggesting that although quite robust, mitotic inheritance of methylation is imperfect and that this imperfection may contribute to selective hypomethylation during aging and tumorigenesis.

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