LRP-1 Promotes Colon Cancer Cell Proliferation in 3D Collagen Matrices by Mediating DDR1 Endocytosis

Front Cell Dev Biol. 2020 Jun 3:8:412. doi: 10.3389/fcell.2020.00412. eCollection 2020.


Low density lipoprotein receptor related protein-1 (LRP-1) is a large ubiquitous endocytic receptor mediating the clearance of various molecules from the extracellular matrix. Several studies have shown that LRP-1 plays crucial roles during tumorigenesis functioning as a main signal pathway regulator, especially by interacting with other cell-surface receptors. Discoïdin Domain Receptors (DDRs), type I collagen receptors with tyrosine kinase activity, have previously been associated with tumor invasion and aggressiveness in diverse tumor environments. Here, we addressed whether it could exist functional interplays between LRP-1 and DDR1 to control colon carcinoma cell behavior in three-dimensional (3D) collagen matrices. We found that LRP-1 established tight molecular connections with DDR1 at the plasma membrane in colon cancer cells. In this tumor context, we provide evidence that LRP-1 regulates by endocytosis the cell surface levels of DDR1 expression. The LRP-1 mediated endocytosis of DDR1 increased cell proliferation by promoting cell cycle progression into S phase and decreasing apoptosis. In this study, we identified a new molecular way that controls the cell-surface expression of DDR1 and consequently the colon carcinoma cell proliferation and apoptosis and highlighted an additional mechanism by which LRP-1 carries out its sensor activity of the tumor microenvironment.

Keywords: 3D collagen matrix; DDR1; LRP-1; colon cancer cell; proliferation.