Sustained Corticosteroid-Free Clinical Remission During Vedolizumab Maintenance Therapy in Patients with Ulcerative Colitis on Stable Concomitant Corticosteroids During Induction Therapy: A Post Hoc Analysis of GEMINI 1

Clin Exp Gastroenterol. 2020 Jun 11;13:211-220. doi: 10.2147/CEG.S248597. eCollection 2020.


Background: Corticosteroid-free clinical remission is important in ulcerative colitis.

Objective: This GEMINI 1 post hoc analysis evaluated vedolizumab efficacy in achieving sustained corticosteroid-free clinical remission in moderately to severely active ulcerative colitis.

Materials and methods: GEMINI 1 included a 6-week induction period followed by a 46-week maintenance period. Patients received stable corticosteroid dosing at baseline/during induction and tapered dosing during maintenance. Analysis groups included vedolizumab (induction and maintenance); vedolizumab/placebo (vedolizumab induction, placebo maintenance); and placebo (induction and maintenance). The primary endpoint was sustained corticosteroid-free clinical remission (partial Mayo score ≤2, no individual subscore >1, for ≥32 weeks). Multivariate analyses identified covariates associated with the primary endpoint. Safety endpoints included adverse events.

Results: Baseline demographics and concomitant corticosteroid use were similar across groups (n=454). A greater proportion (95% confidence interval) of the vedolizumab group achieved sustained corticosteroid-free clinical remission (10.2% [6.9 to 13.6]) vs the placebo group (1.4% [0.0 to 7.3]; difference 8.9% [-3.8 to 21.4]). Proportions were similar between the vedolizumab/placebo and placebo groups. Covariates associated with sustained corticosteroid-free clinical remission (odds ratio [95% confidence interval]) were treatment (vedolizumab vs placebo: 9.35 [1.25 to 71.43]; p=0.0605), anti-tumor necrosis factor alpha exposure (yes vs no: 0.26 [0.12 to 0.57]; p=0.0008), and disease duration (≤2 vs >2 years: 2.66 [0.99-7.19]; p=0.0531). Adverse events were similar across groups.

Conclusion: A numerically greater proportion of vedolizumab-treated patients with ulcerative colitis achieved sustained corticosteroid-free clinical remission. Vedolizumab treatment, no previous anti-tumor necrosis factor alpha exposure, and shorter disease duration were associated with sustained corticosteroid-free clinical remission.

Clinicaltrialsgov: NCT00783718.

Keywords: anti-tumor necrosis factor alpha; clinical remission; corticosteroid; ulcerative colitis; vedolizumab.

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