The Application of Sector-Scanning Sonar: Strategy for Efficient and Precise Sector-Scanning Using Freedom of Underwater Walking Robot in Shallow Water

Sensors (Basel). 2020 Jun 29;20(13):3654. doi: 10.3390/s20133654.


In this paper, we discuss underwater walking robot technology to improve the quality of raw data in sector-scanning sonar images. We propose a strategy for an efficient and precise sector-scanning sonar image acquisition method for use in shallow, strong tidal water with a curved and sloped seabed environment. We verified the strategy by analyzing images acquired through a sea trial using the sector-scanning sonar installed on the CRABSTER (CR200). Before creating this strategy, an experiment was conducted to acquire the seabed image near a pier using a tripod and vertical pole. To overcome the problems and limitations revealed through image analysis, we established two technical strategies. In conclusion, we were able to achieve those technical strategies by using the CR200, which is resistant to strong current, and its six legs provide freedom of movement, allowing for a good sonar attitude.

Keywords: CR200; CRABSTER; ROV; reverberation; sector scanning sonar; underwater walking robot.