Magnetic Properties of SmCo5 + 10 wt% Fe Exchange-Coupled Nanocomposites Produced from Recycled SmCo5

Nanomaterials (Basel). 2020 Jul 3;10(7):1308. doi: 10.3390/nano10071308.


Nanostructured alloy powders of SmCo5 + 10 wt% Fe obtained using recycled material were studied for the first time. The SmCo5 precursor was obtained from commercial magnets recycled by hydrogen decrepitation. The results were compared with identically processed samples obtained using virgin SmCo5 raw material. The samples were synthesized by dry high-energy ball-milling and subsequent heat treatment. Robust soft/hard exchange coupling was observed-with large coercivity, which is essential for commercial permanent magnets. The obtained energy products for the recycled material fall between 80% and 95% of those obtained when using virgin SmCo5, depending on milling and annealing times. These results further offer viability of recycling and sustainability in production. These powders and processes are therefore candidates for the next generation of specialized and nanostructured exchange-coupled bulk industrial magnets.

Keywords: interphase exchange coupling; mechanical milling; recycled magnets; soft/hard magnetic nanocomposites.