Data on the environmental performance analysis of a dual-source heat pump system

Data Brief. 2020 Jun 21;31:105919. doi: 10.1016/j.dib.2020.105919. eCollection 2020 Aug.


This data article reports supplementary input and output data related to the research article "Environmental performance analysis of a dual-source heat pump system" on the life cycle assessment evaluation of an heat pump prototype, able to use alternatively the air and the ground as external heat sources. Primarily, the present article shows the life cycle inventory input data of the system under study and of the conventional air and ground heat pump systems, which were used for comparison. Secondly, complete numerical results are exposed, which are showed only graphically and in an aggregated form in the main article. Data include normalised and unaggregated environmental impacts of each investigated life cycle phase. The article also reports the complete results of the sensitivity analysis conducted using different assumptions on the energy mix and on the energy use.

Keywords: Dual-source; Energy consumption; Environmental impact; Heat pump; Life cycle assessment; Renewable energy.