The Impact of Pet Health Insurance on Dog Owners' Spending for Veterinary Services

Animals (Basel). 2020 Jul 9;10(7):1162. doi: 10.3390/ani10071162.


The U.S. pet population is increasing, but access to veterinary care continues to be a concern. One method of alleviating barriers that prevent access to care is the presence of pet health insurance for a pet. Dog owners were surveyed to see the impact of pet health insurance on dog owners' visits and expenditures at the veterinarian. Using several logit models, it was found that pet health insurance had a significant and positive impact on the amount spent at the veterinarian. Other dog and dog owner characteristics were found significant in impacting expenditures and visits at the veterinarian. Findings from this study can help address the accessibility issue facing Americans across the country in obtaining affordable pet care. This research is the first which seeks to identify the driving factors behind dog owners' choices regarding health care for their dogs.

Keywords: OLS; access to care; multinomial logistic regression; negative binomial regression; pet health insurance; pet ownership.